How To Best Use Weekly Goal Sheets

Our long-term results are created by what we do each and every day. Sir William Osler, Founder of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, said that the secret of his success was living his life in “day-tight compartments.” What he discovered was that while we plan for the future, we act in the day. To be truly effective and achieve your goals your daily activity must align with your long-term vision, strategies and tactics.

Weekly Goal Sheets allow you to structure your activity so that you are focused on both the long-term and short-term tasks that are truly important. You can concentrate on acting in the moment and avoid the distraction of worrying about the future. Ultimately, if effective execution happens daily and weekly (and it does), then the Weekly Goal Sheet is where the execution rubber meets the road.

The Weekly Goal Sheet is the instrument that organizes and structures your week. An effective Weekly Goal Sheet does not include all the things you do, it is not a glorified to-do list. It contains just the strategic items that are driven by the 12-Week Period Plan. In fact, our Weekly Goal Sheets are printed on a single 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper. The Weekly Goal Sheet then is simply a derivative of the 12-Week Period Plan.

One of the reasons Periodization and The 12 Week Year is so effective is because the process begins with a clear and compelling vision that defines what is most important in your personal life and in your business. It then aligns everything else with the vision. That is why you can have complete confidence that the Weekly Goal Sheet contains the critical activity that will drive the results you desire. In this way the Weekly Goal Sheet becomes the game plan for each and every day, providing clarity and focus on what matters most.

Take the first 15-20 minutes on Monday and plan your week using your 12 Week Plan to determine the critical activities for the week. Then use the Weekly Goal Sheet to guide each day. Check in with your Weekly Goal Sheet first thing each morning, and again before lunch, and again in the afternoon. Start with the activities in your Weekly Goal Sheet and let the rest of the day fill in around it. Make a commitment to specific items each day and don’t go home until they are done.

Taking your performance to higher levels does not require new ideas but rather more effective execution. The Weekly goal sheet is all about execution. Use it, and watch what happens!

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